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patch alpha 1.7.0

Relocated Npc’s to the initial map. New Npc’s added. Customize your ch...

2019/10/31 . Edited on 2020/10/29

1 year of October 31

Today we celebrated 1 year of October 31 on the air. I would like to take the op...

2016/10/31 . Edited on 2020/10/29

patch alpha 1.4.0

Attention to the new patch! 2 New classes 2 New achievements 4 New tiles ...

2017/10/30 . Edited on 2020/10/29

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New site online!

In view of the need to implement new content on the site, I decided to re-layout...

2020/05/12 . Edited on 2020/05/16

Patch alpha 1.3.0

the map guide is available. mission and achievement guides are available. ...

2016/07/30 . Edited on 2020/10/29

patch alpha 1.6.0

Expansion of support for mobile devices. Added the option to play as a gues...

2018/07/29 . Edited on 2020/10/29

About the developer

October 31 is developed by Jeferson Winter, using the following languages: HTML5, Javascript, PHP and MySql (Without using frameworks or engines).

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Developed by: Jeferson Winter