About the game

October 31 is a free multiplatform RPG, which you can play on your computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV.

The game tells the story of an apocalyptic scenario experienced by the protagonist and has its free classification.

character wizzard


Position Character Player Class Level Experience
Parrudo Parrudo Warrior 333 555207
Harry Porco cristian Wizard 70 24173
Jeferson Jeferson Warrior 47 11078
RoxxEvil marchelo Warrior 46 10631
Chuck Norris cristian Warrior 41 8224
Thomas boaventura Wizard 33 5421
edf edu Wizard 33 5280
Kid Cudi KidCudi Wizard 30 4641
EvilKnight marchelo Warrior 25 3183
Mageloko gui lokao Wizard 21 2111

About the developer

October 31 is developed by Jeferson Winter, using the following languages: HTML5, Javascript, PHP and MySql (Without using frameworks or engines).

character warrior
Developed by: Jeferson Winter